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Address: 3PGjfpBqE4EDFd1WnqD8W2HiWhgUpTFnMyc

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Lease your Waves To WavesDesk!

Payment schedule
Waves fees generated:
* 85% distributed to you;
* 15% to WavesDesk token holders;
* weekly payout!
By leasing you help also to secure the Waves blockchain!

How to lease Waves?
STEP 1. Go to your Waves wallet (Waves Client) and open the Lease tab and lease your waves to our node: 3P5Mdr6BMHYc1i4jpj4wraLnjF9SBXN78pc
STEP 2. Wait! Leasing become active after 1000 blocks (around 16 hours).

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Waves 0.00000000 Waves
EquaCoin ECcmoyW2wQcQMvXp3QbwnMFBpiRthHj54MpYq7scQBeZ 0.1000
EUR scriptural C44pPG9LeeXmBXQY6EGhyHeAi3WqMsczB7PctFBz9QXa 1,000.10

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