ID 2Y53kkiDjVBL7aSuMQ1aWaCNnohxhsrdCNkgJkJdbWfp
Name WOW!
Description We plan to revolutionize the World Of Work WOW! A platform where people can find freelancers & online works in complete safety e privacy ---- bitly/WOW_US_Official_Telegram | bitly/WOW_US_Official_Twitter --- World Of Work WOW! has as priority that of wants to give as much help as possible to those in difficulty to find work or freelancers, making them enter into communication via a platform that can give them maximum privacy and security as regards sending and receiving of money & the actual progress of the work from the freelancer Our priority will be 100% transparency with the whole community Occasionally will be present surveys and forms to listen to your opinions, which for us are the most precious thing Thank you for your support
Quantity issued 999,999,999,999
Quantity burned 750,001,003,200
Circulating supply 249,998,996,799
Decimals 6
Issuer 3PQ1ZPh3f6R83nbTbJvE3JAbFSTayCDNkRM
Issuer Public Key 5Zd1XnQr2e58gkQ24THyTrPSg4en9JCrUe4GLzDwidsG
Issue Time (UTC) 9 Mar 2019 - 22:49:33
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,430,319