ID 3Z4SBCZ2LRZLuDweUYJkypmjrWkcLuduxpf3Vj8FddSk
Description Final aim is to create a platform and applications that allow people to link any kind of scanned document to our own blockchain
Quantity issued 50,000,000,000
Quantity burned 45,075,981,305
Circulating supply 4,924,018,695
Decimals 8
Issuer 3P2XmuyHceVLQhq8tD96RGP64RUc6eZuiKB
Issuer Public Key BVnkTbshM8AKKBE3WwV5Az6W39vVCUVycDdNnviMBeZ
Issue Time (UTC) 7 Sep 2018 - 19:37:37
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,162,320