ID 4VS4vfkMXZLbim3jaMWJAUd8DpPEVTmnZ1o1yfdNarVL
Name Jade Vine
Description Jade Vine, is a rare flower that must be preserved! Jade Vine is a flower that lives in the tropical rain forest in the Philippines including the legume family which has a close relationship with kidney beans This flower has a length of up to 3 meters with a very beautiful color, which is a combination of turquoise and mint green but unfortunately, this flower is threatened with extinction because it is very difficult to breed due to habitat destruction and reduced natural pollination
Quantity issued 700,000,000
Quantity burned 690,000,007
Circulating supply 9,999,993
Decimals 8
Issuer 3PQcWMa3FWFF4g6T6PmNdohv3VkreiJyx2H
Issuer Public Key Guo4yDDFLAbqQU4F9oUmRfoLp5pMxiqVN89AeiinK2YY
Issue Time (UTC) 21 Feb 2020 - 06:41:29
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,939,466