ID 8PwE3QpgFo3ExV9i4PeHK555ABtPFBfep6APFKgE1x9t
Name FundMyEducation
Description I hope to cover my high school and university expenses via this token Your less maybe the key to my dreams Much obliged! to donors
Quantity issued 125,000
Quantity burned 9
Circulating supply 124,991
Decimals 4
Issuer 3P4VnMzVF1DyciqJKw4R18sGYQTdxustbh2
Issuer Public Key 7YNsmwjQCia4C73LnocEA9GAP8goGK7Ld424d59txhgT
Issue Time (UTC) 10 Jun 2019 - 23:19:38
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,566,117