Name Olympic Star
Description Project: Olympic Online School - Olympic Star! We will create a Platform where the best trainers and athletes in various sports, from all over the world will be able to share knowledge with millions of people around the world! Channel project: tme/OlympicOnlineSchool
Quantity issued 100,000,000
Quantity burned 161
Circulating supply 99,999,839
Decimals 2
Issuer 3P91CzmpPFB3dcRbtxhXRNiCAZu5VPoQWAS
Issuer Public Key AYN35Z24bdkHPY1SMkAtLNsuUhnughqRPRFonmfof2zv
Issue Time (UTC) 23 Jun 2020 - 22:10:52
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 2,120,133