ID Bx18o6AKMz66tFLKZFsvb4hx1dyJRnNJEV49owSvXNdM
Name Tuning Token
Description You can buy and sell Body Kits, Turbo Kits and other Tuning Parts on our Online Shop and Marketplace with Tuning Tokens
Quantity issued 1,000,000
Quantity reissued 999,610
Circulating supply 1,999,610
Decimals 8
Issuer 3PLEXZFswgLSPakpbsqHG822QL1sMU3xQaN
Issuer Public Key AHhpL7xKpp7ucXd948dRpp2Weryj8wAf6fx9GaSGh5bs
Issue Time (UTC) 28 Oct 2018 - 13:06:11
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,236,580