ID CSV2chvCYdQrqt6Y55v1iY3ey4RyWwxrtewLNQWYvfZi
Name TOTALProfit
Description Token TOTALProfit is backed by investment in DeFi farming Early-stage DeFi farming allows to generate income of 300-500% per month We send 30-70% of our income to holders tokens TOTALProfit Income for 1 TOTALProfit: - 0001 USDT per day Price on TOTALProfit will increase by 20% after the sale of every 1,000,000 TOTALProfit Telegram news channel: tme/TOTALProfitCom
Quantity issued 1,100,000
Quantity reissued 728,210
Circulating supply 1,828,210
Decimals 3
Issuer 3PLZJNNDXqbwjntru5YyF6UTjdQXacgd2zi
Issuer Public Key 6YvxmXE6Q28jFQfVDTvEVrTPZDEREskRnbjBCv4X15db
Issue Time (UTC) 2 Mar 2021 - 21:55:02
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 2,485,211