ID CTqoPsN1mqAkg3vrKxQjuVY7sYdGTKnGupMYiHMg8Qo8
Name GreenTourism
Description Green Tourism Platform unites the participants of the Green tourism market Hotels and green tourism bases post offers on our platform Customers get the best deals, coupons, discounts GreenTourism Tokens are used to pay for services on our platform Starting price: 1 GreenTourism - 1 $ Our income will be split: among holders of GreenTourism tokens - 50%, our income - 20%, financing green startups - 30% The community will vote for posting startups on the platform 5% share of new startups will be distributed among GreenTourism holders Holders GreenTourism will own a share of 100 or more green startups! Join our community: tme/GreenTourismPlatform
Quantity issued 10,000,000
Quantity burned 22
Circulating supply 9,999,978
Decimals 2
Issuer 3PHrMNqNEEfR8scueoCHAKKPC346gNpCPEX
Issuer Public Key D4hk9zNyWedxckEvKRU3a1y36Cf4eAuQnVPRDL1uTCQt
Issue Time (UTC) 13 Jul 2021 - 23:01:42
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 2,677,130