ID FLM8duVhW4JM6Nc3445zJe9aJaSYZdww8tUuk8k7XibG
Name Thorium
Description Invest In Thorium Token Your Source Of Safe Energy That Grants All Investments
Quantity issued 100,000,000
Quantity reissued 100,000,000
Circulating supply 200,000,000
Decimals 8
Issuer 3PFTzzYWGf86UvJnyLr7A7GbCb9Ffgr5Vi5
Issuer Public Key FUinbp7ZdMwQycF7FbSL5pQ7GzJV2ocG661QAFmw5mQi
Issue Time (UTC) 16 Nov 2019 - 10:56:58
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,797,772