ID FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW
Name Kolin
Description Kolin born as an acronym of "Konscienco Lingvo" which in Esperanto means "Conscious Language" making reference to the universality of language and to the need of consciousness in technical language
Quantity issued 8,000,000,000
Quantity burned 6,000,000,124
Circulating supply 1,999,999,876
Decimals 2
Issuer 3PGsboZa7nvTMcAhL8jzPtrXGjsgU8yKWeQ
Issuer Public Key 6rSZ3ZVg3hHYDTR7io2BAbjkWsDGh7suaMYPMQkzaVzw
Issue Time (UTC) 20 Jun 2018 - 22:00:22
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,049,891