ID Fw1K8ypu3Pr5Zreb93wxEnsinWrfqGXgK1YEmvAqHKZ2
Description OTTRAGON The alien race from a distant galaxy came here to earth and created their tokens on the Waves network, Yes she came to enslave humanity and recolonize the earth, only those who buy this token will have alien protection, super intelligence, super speed, telepathy power, and huge limbs and have been able to recolonize the planet along with the OTTRAGON raceand using pornstars from make babys Don't worry, the aliens will buy all the tokens sold and burn ten percent every year until half the supply is left, because besides being a fan of thanos, they also don't want to save many humans If you don't believe this message I'm sorry you will die miserably with a laser beam in your face
Quantity issued 1,000,000
Quantity burned 10
Circulating supply 999,990
Decimals 8
Issuer 3PD4qbWxa6rLR8dfJcZWJAVY3p9NmLE7U2s
Issuer Public Key B7gv7vPoUHtCPjT5zAFqhEwPYoPefTPvq2xYUD8r2tv1
Issue Time (UTC) 26 Jan 2020 - 14:40:55
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,901,905