Name Ensemblecoin
Description The Ensemblecoin is designed to revolutionize the way musicians and music lovers engage, while compensation music lovers for listening to their favorite artists/musicians
Quantity issued 200,000,000
Quantity burned 0
Circulating supply 200,000,000
Decimals 8
Issuer 3PJvGBWqzvYfJRADLVgMdScqoMo4cEMZr6w
Issuer Public Key 7iwfsKWc4VESJSSjUEs1UMkgGSF263GH1ksRhMjLQBJt
Issue Time (UTC) 31 Jul 2017 - 16:44:40
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 604,220