ID GFRVfodHDLhVyfYwuKCeMjZ2h6H9XhCsgNaU1amh6SKt
Name Greta
Description Make America Greta gain When you have a lucky day, you buy Greta When you have a sad day, you hold Greta When you don't like Greta, you burn Greta When you like Greta, you send Greta to your friends Hold Greta 10 years long = You will be rich and America will be Greta gain Trading only with Bitcoin
Quantity issued 30,120,032,020
Quantity burned 43,539
Circulating supply 30,119,988,481
Decimals 2
Issuer 3P39URo62cRhSQY5JuJWjWpf26MW8FLtVsS
Issuer Public Key 5uNc1KSmayat4momzygRoXjAKLNzC5cD8vZtaZXfpEhg
Issue Time (UTC) 2 Feb 2020 - 17:57:07
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,912,345