ID HA4GNRm3gaqZ2JEc72gCWa8vduwLdA4Svc6u2af8VwxV
Name Brum
Description Brum is a criptocurrency especially made for devs, it'll work as a open source token, connecting programmers and paying them to upgrade this Youre receiving a airdrop for free, enjoy!
Quantity issued 1,000,000,000
Quantity reissued 399,999,996,639
Circulating supply 400,999,996,639
Decimals 0
Issuer 3P82nFMYRdiacV3t83A4Ze7BjuVpxzbP8qR
Issuer Public Key JB2wd9Nuk8EtpEy7ciJ7nPM45bFE6ucwsJgXbcnPFeVG
Issue Time (UTC) 5 Mar 2019 - 07:55:37
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,423,575