ID YxL7vD4X9tAi89Wgc399MMFdbbNicb9vqPeetK7mkex
Name ICO_Promo_token
Description Welcome, members of the Waves Platform community! More and more projects are running their ICO companies on the Waves platform 84% of the participants in the crypto community, have accounts in telegrams We tokenize a telegram channel for advertising ICO companies on the Waves Platform The target audience of our channel is the Waves Platform community Advertising on our channel, we will sell for ICO_Promo_tokens 1 advertising post - 1000 ICO_Promo_tokens The cost of tokens will increase in proportion to the increase in the number of subscribers on our channel 1 subscriber + $ 00000025 Subscribe to the channel and increase the cost of tokens! tme/ICO_on_WavesPLATFORM
Quantity issued 3,600,000
Quantity burned 52
Circulating supply 3,599,948
Decimals 0
Issuer 3PEKkhQ24EbwYA7LtLqZ8SmzEURXHcWcM2N
Issuer Public Key G7GWVpakgGSD2o1GfE3LPkDLBYfZa4pUn4cijeWj4kVn
Issue Time (UTC) 26 Nov 2018 - 09:15:20
Issue Fee 1.00000000 Waves
Issued in Waves block 1,278,919