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Faucet: free WavesDesk Tokens

Imagine you were one of the people who got free bitcoins a few years ago. You saw a site and you filled in your Bitcoin-address and got a few bitcoins to your account! Maybe you asked yourself: why they give it to me? Well, simply because the site wanted to introduce the virtual currency to the world and promote it. Fast forward years later, bitcoin is now a hot cryptocurrency with the price of a single bitcoin reaching higher as $10,000.–!

We give you free WavesDesk Tokens now. Just for free. No need to do anything. Why you may ask? Well, simply because we want to introduce this site to you. We only ask you one thing: tell about WavesDesk to your friends. And just wait a few years and see what happens with your Tokens ;-))

How to get the free WavesDesk Tokens?

  • 1. First, you need a Waves wallet Address! Don’t use your wallet at the exchange, there you don’t get the WavesDesk Tokens!
  • 2. Fill in the form and get your WavesDesk Tokens!
  • 3. Enjoy it! And ask for more free WavesDesk Tokens again.
Are you a robot?
How much WavesDesk Tokens do you get?
  • 0.01 Tokens (max 1 x per 9 hours)
  • 0.005 Tokens (max 1 x per 6 hours)
  • 0.0003 Tokens (max 1 x per 4 hours)
  • 0.00001 Tokens (max 1 x per 3 hours)
  • 0.000005 Tokens (max 1 x per 2 hours)
  • 0.0000003 Tokens (max 1 x per 1 hours)
  • 0.00000001 Tokens (max 1 x per 1 second!)

About WavesDesk

WavesDesk is an independent website with projects on and around the Waves blockchain. Lease your Waves to WavesDesk or try the Waves block Explorer.

WavesDesk Token is traded at the Waves’ DEX, the decentralised exchange, built into the Waves blockchain.