Waves is money without banks

Using waves, you can easy, instantly, securely and for free send and receive payments to friends, family and everyone else worldwide.


Waves is a new approach to innovation
Waves is one of the most user friendly crypto currencies, both because it’s lightweight clients provide an easy installation procedure, but also because of a flat learning curve for end users. Waves facilitates fundraising, crowdfunding, and trading of financial instruments on the blockchain. Waves is ‘open source’. Waves software is open to inspection and improvement by the best security minds on the planet so that it’s mathematically secure. If you don’t like paying bank charges, if you don’t like the way money is created by banks at no cost to them, and then loaned out to us with interest, then Waves is paving the way to a new money. Open, transparent, and free of charge.

Waves features

Fast transactions
Waves has been designed as a fast cryptocurrency. Rapid transactions are ideal for everyday payments and transfers.

Waves network is secure against attacks on the blockchain due to automatic checkpointing.

No inflation
The total supply of Waves is 100 million. These tokens were created in the first block and distributed to the ICO users. The supply of Waves will never increase.

No waste of energy
The electricity used for mining bitcoins is a big environmental damage for the world. Waves is energy-efficient: not the CPU or GPU power is important to mine, but the willingness of other users to lease their Waves to a node. Miners get transaction fees without having to run a full node. This system allows anyone to participate in the Waves network maintenance. You can also lease your Waves to WavesDesk.

Free from central authorities and banks, Waves gives power to the people.

Dedicated community
Waves has a incredible, supportive online community of both users and developers. They love Waves and the community and support each other.

Waves wallets

Download the appropriate wallet for your platform: go to https://wavesplatform.com/