Comparing Waves and gold

In many ways Waves and gold are the same. Both resources are rare; gold rare by nature, while Waves remarkably is programmed Protocol of the blockchain. Gold and Waves can be divided into parts; the gold can melt and turn into small round coins, or even small particles. Each Waves can be divided to 0.00000001 units. Both resource are interchangeable; each ounce of gold can be exchanged for the same.

However, Waves has a number of distinctive things:

1. gold is physical, Waves is virtual;
2. gold stored in banks for security purposes and for payment, Waves is stored on your computer and all payments are tracked through the blockchain;
3. gold can be stolen physically, while Waves maybe vulnerable to hackers;
4. gold is available only where it is physically, wherever there is Internet there is Waves;
5. the liquidity of gold is due to its material delivery to the recipient, the liquidity of Waves can be done almost instantly at any time.

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One thought to “Comparing Waves and gold”

  1. LUCKY ME i have both I LIVE in the ARIZONA GOLD I mine it its Almost season now another 60 days be cool enough 115 degrees is little HOT so its WAVES season season

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