Waves connects people

Waves has a fairly long history in comparison to other new born coins. However, people voluntarily make so many services (apps, projects) without seeking quick money. Waves connects people. The love for Waves began with love for development, instant block time validation (Bitcoin is 10 minutes), and no waste of energy. Waves is its own genesis.

Every country (except maybe Iceland) needs a new currency. The benefits of cryptocurrency far outweigh all global fiat currencies, making for a more robust global economy. The freeing up of capital, extremely low or no fees to pseudonymously and securely send currency, globally and quickly, is just one great aspect.

Cryptocurrency, and the blockchain, covers some or all aspects of sound money, free markets, individual property rights, and rule of law.

No one can doubt Waves is the best cryptocurrency out there. That it also came with such a strong community made it even better!

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