Will Bitcoin survive it’s faster competitors like Waves?

Is Bitcoin really fast enough for it to be considered “instantaneous”? Will it survive it’s faster competitors like Waves? Is it a realistic platform for on-site transactions on the retail and on-trade environment? Will it work alongside with faster coins as the “safer” and more “vintage” cousin of the family? Or is it doomed to fall to faster and more modern competitors like Waves? Read More

Comparing Waves and gold

In many ways Waves and gold are the same. Both resources are rare; gold rare by nature, while Waves remarkably is programmed Protocol of the blockchain. Gold and Waves can be divided into parts; the gold can melt and turn into small round coins, or even small particles. Each Waves can be divided to 0.00000001 units. Both resource are interchangeable; each ounce of gold can be exchanged for the same. Read More