How to pay with Waves?

Paying with Waves is as easy as drinking water! The only thing you need to know to pay with Waves is the address of the recipient. And of course, you should be the proud owner of some Waves.

To send Waves, you will have to fill in the Waves Address of the recipient and the amount of Waves you want to send. Then click on the send/submit button, and your payment has been made. Easy as that!

Sending Waves is an irreversible process, once sent the Waves are no longer in your possession. If you transferred them to the wrong address, there is no way to undo this. Waves can only be spent one time by the owner. Once spend, they are gone. This is important for the reliability of the currency.

To make sure that no one else can transfer your Waves, it is important that you are the only one who knows your seed. Never share your seed with anyone.

It is ok if the computer of the receiver is powered off. He or she will get the Waves you send anyway.