Lease your Waves to WavesDesk Mining Pool

Lease your Waves to WavesDesk mining pool and get weekly rewards! By leasing you help to secure the Waves blockchain and get rewarded!

Lease your Waves now

WavesDesk features
– Very powerful and optimized server
– Very transparent
– 99.99% server uptime
– No registration needed
– Weekly payment!

Payment schedule
– Waves fees generated: 75% distributed to you, 25% to WavesDesk token holders (and we keep 0%)
– WavesDesk (WavesDesk Tokens): we distribute WavesDesk tokens to you. If you have 100 WavesDesk Tokens, you may get Airdrops. More about WavesDesk Tokens.

Minimum amount of Waves
There is no minimum amount of Waves you can lease.

Is it safe?
Yes! 100% safe. We are just a node where you can lease your Waves for rewards. Your Waves will always stay in your wallet and we can’t spend them. By only one click, you will get your Waves back in your wallet.

How to lease Waves

STEP 1. Go to your Waves wallet and open the leasing tab and lease your waves to our node: 3P5Mdr6BMHYc1i4jpj4wraLnjF9SBXN78pc

STEP 2. Wait! Leasing become active after 1000 blocks. 1000 blocks is around 16 hours. After 1000 blocks, your balance will start to generate rewards for you.

STEP 3. We pay your reward automatically every Friday.