The official token of WavesDesk

WavesDesk token is traded at the Waves’ DEX, the decentralised exchange, built into the Waves blockchain.


Name: WavesDesk
Symbol:​ WDESK
Token ID: ​CqdGdzvXVp2Gxn7wCZgCboMQu2cWYf6HKAsZFyg3Sq7Q
Supply:​ 10,000,000 (forty million tokens)
Decimals:​ 8
Re-issuable: ​no (no inflation)
Verified: yes 

Why WavesDesk token?

WavesDesk is an independent website with projects on and around the Waves blockchain: WavesDesk has a full node and a block Explorer. The holders of the WavesDesk token are helping WavesDesk to run and develop this projects.

WavesDesk tokens are available for trade on the Waves’ DEX (trading pair: Waves).

WavesDesk tokens are airdropped to the lessors of WavesDesk. The amount of the airdrop depends on the amount of forged blocks by the full node.


The holders of WavesDesk tokens may get an airdrop. Only token holders with at least 100 WavesDesk tokens may get the airdrop. If you have less than 100 tokens, you don’t get an airdrop. This is done to prevent high transaction fees.


Supply: 10,000,000
(Tokens destroyed: 90,000,000)

Held by insiders: 5,000,000
Held by outsiders: 500,000
For promotions and for WavesDesk lessors in the next 40+ years: 4,500,000